'Had you fallen in love with Rachel MacGregor?' - Colin Craig pushed over ex-press secretary

Embattled former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has refused to say if he had fallen in love with this former press secretary Rachel MacGregor.

Mr Craig was asked on Radio New Zealand this morning "had you fallen in love with Rachel MacGregor?"

He said he said he wouldn't go into details of the relationship unless confidentiality was lifted.

When asked why he apologised to his wife then, he said it was for inappropriate behaviour that he freely acknowledged.

He says he and his wife have moved on. But he said his preference would be for confidentiality to be lifted so both parties would be free to speak, but that he is seeking legal advice first.

Meanwhile, a Conservative Party Board member has spoken out about the "inappropriate" behaviour between Mr Craig and Miss MacGregor.

John Stringer told TVNZ's Breakfast that board members have seen "poems", "sexts" and "letters" from Mr Craig to Ms MacGregor. The letters were signed by Mr Craig and he refers to himself as "creative Colin" in them, he said.

Mr Stringer said the "inappropriate behaviour was from Mr Craig to Ms MacGregor".

Mr Stringer says the Board has seen no evidence Ms MacGregor has done anything wrong.

Yesterday Ms MacGregor broke her nine month silence, accusing the former Conservative Party leader of making factually inaccurate statements after he admitted the pair were involved in "inappropriate conduct".

Ms MacGregor says she's unable to comment on speculation because she's bound by a confidentiality agreement between herself and Mr Craig.

When Mr Craig fronted media yesterday, backed up by his wife Helen, he denied rumours of sexual harassment, but admitted some of his dealings with her had been "inappropriate".

He declined to expand on what part of their relationship had been inappropriate.

The Conservative Party will meet this the weekend to discuss the matter and Mr Craig's membership in the party.

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig denies rumours of sexual harassment with his former press secretary. Source: 1 NEWS

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