'Enough is enough!' - foreign ownership of NZ homes angers readers

"Enough is enough!" ONE News reader Carissa Gulbransen's comment summed up the majority of readers' reaction to yesterday's story that revealed how easily foreigners can buy property in New Zealand.

There's a backlash by ONE News readers to foreign ownership of New Zealand property. Source:

Overseas residents are permitted to purchase houses or a section in New Zealand without restrictions except if they buy property classified as 'sensitive land', ONE News revealed yesterday.

ONE News then posed this question alongside the story on Facebook: "Should the Government put restrictions on foreigners buying houses and sections in New Zealand - other than making them have an IRD number and NZ bank account?"

Latte Mann was emphatic in his view, writing on the ONE News Facebok page: "YES. Ban all Foreigners Owning or Buying Auckland City Property. Only NZ Citizens with a NZ Passport should be allowed to Own or Buy Auckland City Property."

A fear of foreigners owning swathes of New Zealand spurred Wiremu Keepa Jr to write: "Absolutely! New Zealand is only a small country. If we keep selling off our land to foreign buyers at the rate we are, we will be pretty much foreign-owned. Help Kiwi's get a chance to purchase land/houses here."

Rox Nays Keish shared a similar view: "Do we want China to own nz! No, so what sort of question is that! Average housing price in Auckland 750.000 what a joke thanks to foreign investors."

The governement needs to crack down of foreign investors wrote ONE News reader Mike Vulitich: "How does any logical person let non residents invest into nz housing and property when it contributes nothing to the nz economy. Yes Govt need to act in tougher law, because it really is the Real Estate industry that is playing against Kiwi ownership throughout NZ."

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce is refusing to say at what point the Government will accept that new controls on foreign ownership might be needed.

But Labour leader Andrew Little says the Government is not going to answer the supply problem and Labour would restrict foreign buyers from buying here anyway.