‘It does pay’ — Kiwis told to check receipts after 46% found to have overpaid at least once

Kiwis are being urged to check receipts to avoid being overcharged after a recent survey found almost half of us had been overcharged at least once, a Consumer NZ executive says.

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A system glitch meant discounts weren’t added at Foodstuffs supermarkets yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS

Research manager Jessica Wilson told Seven Sharp a recent Consumer NZ survey found that 46 per cent of New Zealanders had “been charged more at the till than the price shown on the shelf label on at least one occasion”.

She said those who have been overcharged are entitled to a refund of any extra that was paid, Wilson says.

“Retailers can’t mislead you about the cost of goods and services. If they’ll do they’ll breach the Fair Trading Act and risk a fine of $600,000.

“It does pay to check your receipts.”