'Children are suffering unimaginable terror' - plastic surgeon

A top plastic surgeon's calling for an urgent review into the way dog control laws are working.

Middlemore Hospital plastic surgeon Zac Moaveni’s found at least three children a week are hospitalised, as the number of serious injuries from dog bites rises.

A top plastic surgeon's findings are sure to fire up the debate on controlling dangerous dogs. Source: 1 NEWS

He carried out a national study into the issue after witnessing terrible injuries in children during his work.

Frankie Narbey was just two years old when her neighbour's dog ripped apart her face.

“I just remember my whole head inside its mouth,” Ms Narbey said.

Frankie had been playing with the kids next door when one of their dogs came into the room and attacked her.

Dr Moaveni says he’s seen similar scenarios “that… If I had to see again, I don't know that I’d be doing my job for much longer,”

His research, based on ACC data, found ten people are admitted to hospital each week with serious injuries.

Roughly a third of them are young children and often Maori from low socio-economic areas.

It's our job to protect our babies, our children, and I think we're failing - Dr Moaveni

Dr Moaveni says it makes him angry “our most innocent members of society, our children, are suffering horrible, unimaginable terror."

The Department of Internal Affairs has asked to see Mr Moaveni’s research.

The full story about dog bites on children can be viewed in the latest Sunday episode.