Cameron Slater says Christchurch quake victims still "scum"

Controversial blogger Cameron Slater says the uninsured residents of quake damaged eastern Christchurch are still "scum".

The Whale Oil blogger stands by his comments that the uninsured residents of quake damaged Christchurch are 'scum'. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Slater is in Christchurch to promote his upcoming fight with cricketer Jessie Ryder at the end of the month.

In an email exchange between the Whale Oil Blogger and a friend about the Christchurch East by-election, published in the book Dirty Politics last year, Mr Slater writes "… the houses are gone and the scum are gone too, and they should get nothing".

During a visit to a Linwood primary school today the novice boxer wasn't backing down from those comments, but says they have been taken out of context.

"I think if people don't look after themselves and then put their hand out and expect other people to pick up their poor decisions then you could call them scum"

Mr Slater hopes those who don't like what he says will come along to "see me get my face punched in"