'Bronagh gets a man in' - John Key admits he's no handyman after nail fail

John Key failed to hammer home the advantage at the weekend while he was on the campaign trail in Whangarei.

He may run the country but John Key says his bungled attempt to nail a billboard in Northland proves he's no handyman. Source: 1 NEWS

The Prime Minister was helping National candidate Mark Osborne put up a billboard ahead of the by-election but didn't exactly hit the nail on the head.

Mr Key admitted this morning that it's not one of his strengths.

"I did tell them I can't do this very well," he said.

In fact Mr Key missed his target several times and his nail fail has attracted a lot of attention.

"All that proves is that I was never any good at woodwork," he said.

And when it comes to handyman work, the Prime Minister admits: "Bronagh gets a man in".