'An absolute nightmare' - firearms lawyer slams calls for cops to have guns

A lawyer who specialises in New Zealand firearms law says to hear Police Association president Greg O'Connor's calls for police to be armed is an absolute nightmare.

The Police Association is renewing calls for police to be armed after a spate of shooting incidents. Source: 1 NEWS

Nicholas Taylor says he has serious issues in regards to police training and believes police are just not ready to be armed.

"There seems to be this cultural shift by police with the emphasis away from negotiating to one of using firearms first rather than their last resort," says Mr Talyor.

Mr Taylor is also the lawyer who represented Richard Neville who sued police for $1.4 million after he was injured in the January 2009 gun battle with offender Stephen McDonald on Auckland's north-western motorway. A compensation bid he lost.

He says they are appealing the decision and is meeting with Mr Neville this afternoon to discuss the appeal process.

"With Richard's case it's been an absolute nightmare to unpick what the police procedures were, to get an independent view on what actually happened, it's been difficult for him," he says.