'All you need is seconds' - Mother praises $3m plan to save domestic violence victims

The mother of a Christchurch woman murdered by her ex-boyfriend in her own home is welcoming a new safety system for domestic violence victims.

Cheryl Tovizi says a new safety system for domestic violence victims may have saved her daughter’s life. Source: 1 NEWS

Nearly two years after getting a life sentence for strangling Alexsis Tovizi to death, Nikki Roper was today appealing his conviction just hours before the Government launched a new system that might have stopped him.

Four hundred high-risk homes will be made ultra-safe each year, under a $3.6 million plan with locks, alarms and quick links to agencies.

Alexsis's mother, Cheryl Tovizi, said it could make all the difference.

"Sometimes it's seconds, all you need is seconds.... to press that help button to get someone there, to make them stop."

The pilot project has proved successful, with all 43 women staying in their place of residence - despite 85% having previously moved house out fear of violence and 40% receiving life-threatening injuries in the past.

All women and their children were uninjured during the pilot.

Justice Minister Amy Adams said the system is for women "who've decided to make a break, want to remain in their homes but we know are at serious risk of further harm if we don't act to help them".