Middle East

Two Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, bringing this week's death toll to four.

Arab nations unite to condemn Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

A declaration calls on countries who have not yet recognised Palestine to do so.

The move by the Crown Prince is part of a campaign to transform society.

Saudi Arabia to open movie theatres for first time in more than 35 years

They were shut down during a wave of ultra-conservatism during the 1980s.

The bloody and brutal conflict started three years ago when ISIS over-ran the cities of Falluja and Ramadi.

Iraq's president declares victory over ISIS

The bloody and brutal conflict started three years ago when ISIS over-ran the cities of Falluja and Ramadi.

Dame Susan Devoy said Mr Peters described her as "a bit round" in 1987, but the deputy PM disputes that.

Winston Peters remains diplomatic over Donald Trump's Jerusalem move

However the deputy PM didn't think Mr Trump's decision would help the Middle East peace process.

There were battles between Palestinians and Israeli troops on the West Bank.

Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli troops across West Bank

There is anger over Donald Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

It comes after the US recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Jacinda Ardern critical of Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital saying 'this will make things difficult'

The US will shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jersusalem, despite intense Arab, Muslim and European opposition.

Its director is now calling for the New Zealand government to do the same.

Video: Israel Institute of NZ welcomes Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem

Its director is now calling for the New Zealand government to do the same.

Moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would inflame tensions in the region.

Trump urged to rethink decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital

They say in a letter that Trump's steps will mean "increased hatred, conflict, violence and suffering".

Houthi militia and supporters set fire to Ali Abdullah Saleh's home in Sanaa and celebrate in the streets.

Yemen rebels kill former president, throwing civil war into new chapter

Rebels killed their onetime ally Ali Abdullah Saleh, as they gained the upper hand in days of fighting.

Magnitude 6.1 quake strikes eastern Iran following last month's deadly tremor

Today's early morning quake jolted a sparsely populated area.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listens to transportation minister Yisrael Katz.

Israel intelligence chief says he plans to succeed scandal-embroiled PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli police have questioned Netanyahu six times over a pair of corruption scandals.

Watch: Speaker Trevor Mallard fed up with time-wasting motions, such as recognising 70th anniversary of UN calling Israel a state

The Speaker also wasn't keen on a motion acknowledging the Black Ferns winning the World Cup.

A close-up/macro photograph of Yemen from a desktop globe. Adobe RGB color profile.

ISIS car bomb kills five in Yemen

The blast in the city of Aden completely destroyed a government building.

Israel police

Large explosion kills three, collapses building in Israel

Local media say the explosion happened in a construction material store south of Tel Aviv, and was likely caused by a gas leak.

The United Nations says 12 million people are affected by "catastrophic" famine.

Humanitarian aid arrives in Yemen as coalition allows UN flights

A weeks-long closure deprived the residents who are in desperate of food and supplies.

Palestine flag.

US backtracks on decision to close Palestinian office in Washington DC

The State Department now says the office can stay open, with restrictions.

On surprise Russia trip, Assad and Putin talk post-war Syria

Assad has only ventured outside his war-ravaged nation twice since the conflict began — both times to Russia.

Pro-Syria government military media released the video purportedly showing the fighting in Boukamal town.

Watch: Missiles and mortars fired as Syrian army and ISIS fight near Iraqi border

Pro-Syria government media released video purportedly showing fighting in the last major ISIS stronghold.

The series of conflict reportedly happened in the east of the country, near the Iraqi border.

Watch: Explosions and gunfire as Syrian Army battles ISIS

The series of conflict reportedly happened in the east of Syria, near the Iraqi border.

President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Palestine threaten to suspend all communication with US

The potential rupture in relations could undermine Trump's bid for Mideast peace.

Graphic warning: Mass graves found in Iraq could contain up to 400 bodies

The bodies of civilians and security forces have been found in an area recently retaken from ISIS.

Raw: Shocking footage from Iraqi town shows buildings flattened by 7.2 quake that's left more than 60 people dead

Video taken in the town of Suleimani, with a population of more than 700,000, shows some of the damage.

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