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Butcher Daniel Butler decided on a new kind of banger to give the locals something a bit different.

Southland butcher struggling to keep up with demand for sausage with a uniquely Kiwi spin

Butcher Daniel Butler decided on a new kind of banger to give the locals something a bit different.

Banana bunch

Banana shortage strikes New Zealand’s major supermarket chains

A change in a shipping route is to blame, the stores say.

Whangarei woman Nadia Petersen found a rusty nail inside a piece of chicken she bought from a Countdown supermarket.

Rusty nail found by Whangārei woman inside Countdown chicken

Nadia Petersen stared in disbelief after pulling the nail from a chicken thigh she had just finished grilling.

The find in a punnet of Countdown strawberries came in the middle of a lengthy scare across the Tasman.

'All avenues exhausted' in police probe into Auckland strawberry scare

Police investigation fails to discover how needles got into strawberries purchased in Auckland.

Coffee cup (file picture).

Coffee may help reduce risk of developing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease

Three different types of coffee - light, dark and decaffeinated dark roasts - were investigated.

Kiwis over 50 drinking more than adults in nine other countries, study finds

Older adults are now one of the fastest growing populations of hazardous drinkers.

Hemp seed can be sold as food from next week

The changes will see "hulled, non-viable seeds and their products" to be viewed as "just another edible seed".

Central Otago District Council at first told the couple they could only have 12.

'It's our livelihood' - Devastated café owners face ruin as council slashes chair numbers

Petitioners are calling on Central Otago District Council to let the café in Bannockburn have more seats.

Auckland honey exporter fined $26k for false therapeutic claims

Jonathan Paul Towers also failed to ensure he was a registered exporter.

Their idea has the fruit industry excited.

Hawke's Bay students find soluble solution to the picky problem of fruit stickers

Currently, billions of the stickers go into the environment every year.

The event marked one decade with a venue change and two special restaurants.

Taste of Auckland food festival marks 10 year anniversary

The event, which ends on Sunday, marked the occasion with a new Waterfront venue.

The rare ultra-strength brew comes with a $1800 price tag per jar.

Mānuka honey at $1800 a jar takes 'liquid gold' to a whole new level

A Kiwi company has unveiled the highest grade Mānuka honey available in NZ, aimed at the tourist market.

The Impossible Burger sliders will be offered as part of the Business Premier menu on flights from San Francisco to Auckland

Air NZ offering controversial plant-based Impossible Burger on second flight, in smaller portions

The sliders will be served on flights from San Francisco to Auckland.

Kiwi Masterchef winners to cook traditional food for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess will stop at Ohinemutu for lunch where Karena and Kasey Bird will cook for them.

When the rich and famous fly out of Auckland's private airport, Anita’s the one creating their very high end aeroplane food.

Meet the unknown Kiwi chef cooking for some of the world's biggest stars

Anita Sherry isn't a household name but her food has been eaten by Katy Perry, Barack Obama and more.

The annual waiters' race involved 368 participants trying to cross the finish line with their tray intact.

Watch: Hundreds vie for unique honour as nation's fastest waiter in Argentina

A total of 368 men and women took part in the 1600 meter race through Avenida de Mayo, in Buenos Aires.

The aim is to sneak in some art appreciation as well, organisers say.

Pop-up pizza museum opens in NYC, drawing fans both of art and the staple food

"We wanted to use pizza's ubiquitous appeal to get people through the door and looking at art."

Deer milk from Pāmu Foods

Deer milk wins most novel product at NZ Food Awards

Rich in protein and fat, the Southern farmed milk is perfect for luxury desserts, coffee and even cocktails.

Seven Sharp’s Julian Lee and chef Richard Till investigate.

Rice salad, saveloy casserole - reliving the gastronomic glory days of 1978

Seven Sharp enlisted legendary TV chef Richard Till to find out what Kiwi food was like 40 years ago.


Group of Auckland mothers on a mission to make free school lunches a reality

Dubbed the 'Mothers United' movement, mums, dads and even kids have come together with the aim to stop Kiwi kids having to learn on an empty stomach.

Dean, Madeleine, Hayley and Sue from The Great Kiwi Bake Off.

The Great Kiwi Bake Off - Episode 1 Recap, cupcakes and kids' birthday treats

"The bar has been well and truly set, the expectations shouted from the tent-top," writes Bridget Jones.

Hudson & Halls The Food of Love is written by Joanne Drayton.

Iconic Kiwi celebrity chef duo Hudson and Halls' story captured in new book

"I just wanted to tell that story," author Joanne Drayton says.

Free legal help is now available to help oppose new bottle stores and liquor licenses in your neighbourhood.

Opposing new liquor stores, licenses could become easier with free legal help service

The service helps local groups which are often unable compete with the alcohol industry's lawyers.

Pregnancy warning labels on alcohol to be mandatory in New Zealand

Labelling has been voluntary for the past six years - now the message will become compulsory.

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