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The company apologised to customers, blaming "teething problems" with its new delivery partner, DHL

Young KFC aficionado 'angry, sad' after UK outlets run out of chicken

The company is blaming "teething problems" with a new supplier.

Once seen as a "weed", an east coast company has decided the future of manuka is a commercially grown one.

'A lot of blood, sweat and tears' – East Coast company cutting out the bees to make the most of manuka plantation

The trust is generating $100,000 annually, targeting the active ingredient in manuka.

McDonald's to axe chocolate milk, cheeseburgers off its Happy Meal to cut down on kids eating rubbish

McDonald's in the US is trying to shake its junk food image by focusing on the kids.

Unhealthy food concept - sugar in carbonated drink. Sugar cubes as background and canned drink

US state looking to ban soda drinks from food outlets' children's meals

But milk and 100 per cent fruit juice would be allowed in New Hampshire.

Food prices rise at slowest rate in months thanks to bad weather

But butter prices surged 43 per cent in the year to January, reaching their highest-ever level.

This image released by Columbia Pictures shows Peter Rabbit, voiced by James Corden and Cottontail in a scene from Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit film team apologise for making light of allergies after backlash

The charity group Kids with Food Allergies posted a warning about a scene from the new film on Facebook.

Mr Peters hosted a dinner for Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Jacinda Ardern last night in his Auckland home.

Weekend rewind: 'Ms Bishop deserves better than that' – Winston mocks his cooking ability as host to PM, Julie Bishop

Mr Peters hosted a dinner for Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Jacinda Ardern last night in his Auckland home.

Coffee cup (file picture).

Fully compostable takeaway coffee cup created by UK company

Biome Bioplastics has made a cup using natural materials including potato starch.

Popular Wellington cafe fined for incorrectly paying holiday entitlements

Espressoholic is also banned from issuing visas to migrant workers for six months

More affected berries have been banned from sale today.

Kiwi company recalls frozen berries from supermarkets due to possible 'foreign metal contamination'

Customers are advised to return their product to retailers for a full refund.

Vegan protesters storm steak restaurant in Melbourne as diners awkwardly watch on

The police were called to remove the protesters from the Rare Steakhouse restaurant.

The Ministry of Primary Industries has today announced a chemical and DNA definition for Manuka honey, to protect its trade reputation overseas.

MPI backtracks on definition of highly prized manuka honey, with legal challenge looming

Kiwi beekeepers were not happy about quality increases to sell under the "manuka" name.

In one video posted on Twitter, customers are seen shoving each other and shouting as they try to get as many pots as possible.

Cheap Nutella sparks hysteria in French supermarkets

Chaotic scenes were filmed in several supermarkets.

What a waste - beer soaks Aussie road after toppling off ute

Cartons of beer smashed onto the road when the ute had a mishap in Townsville.

Professor Sally Casswell says alcohol tax is still too low and the taxpayer is paying for people harmed by alcohol.

Health expert calls for alcohol prices and bar licence fees to increase, saying taxpayers shouldn't be footing the bill

"The people who drink very little ... are picking up the tab," says Professor Sally Casswell.

Massive sugar find in NZ drinks spur renewed calls for sugar tax

The UK was found to have "upwards of 40-50% less sugar".

Cadbury Caramilk will return to supermarkets on February 1.

Get ready to stock up - by popular demand, Cadbury Caramilk is making a return

Cadbury has donated two cases to Paralympics NZ and Make-A-Wish to auction off on Trade Me.

Strong global prices are great for producers, not so much for the consumer.

Welcome drop in the price of Kiwi butter after it reached all-time price peak late 2017

However, avocado prices still remain twice as expensive as they were a year ago.

A screenshot of the Denizen website featuring an item promoting the wine pong drinking game

Auckland's Denizen magazine removes 'wine pong' post expert says could encourage women to binge drink

The post labeled the drinking game as "beer pong's slightly classier and more feminine counterpart".

The World Wildlife Fund says the technology has had a successful trial in Fiji.

NZ urged to embrace new device that monitors seafood catch from sea to plate

The World Wildlife Fund says the technology has had a successful trial in Fiji.

New type of chocolate with unusual origin being made in Australia

A Queensland company is only the second manufacturer in the world to use the bizarre recipe.

The shining example of  Kiwi ingenuity played out on New Year’s Eve at Point Wells, north of Auckland.

Kai time! Traffic island in coastal settlement put to good use as locals lay hangi for festive feast

The shining example of Kiwi ingenuity played out on New Year’s Eve at Point Wells.

Both vegan and non-vegans came together to enjoy the meat-free dinner.

'Maybe a little more soy-ish' - Pre-Christmas potluck a success for both vegans and omnivores

The Auckland event has been helping vegans prepare for Christmas for a decade.

Some growers are already winding down for the season.

Raspberry growers say record dry weather will lead to shortages this year

Spring's unusually hot weather brought the fruit on early.

High demand sees some Tip Top products pushed to back of production line

The hot weather has led to unprecedented demand for the cool Kiwi treats.

Mince sold at Pak 'N Save

Recall notice issued for mince sold at Auckland supermarket

There are fears it may contain soft plastic.

Open tin of chopped tomatoes with whole fresh unfocused tomatoes behind. Wood surface.

Hamilton's Salvation Army shocked Auckland charity turning away tinned tomatoes

But the Sallies recommends asking charities what they needed before donating.

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