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Whitebait are being wiped out but people can’t agree on how much of an impact fishing has on these species

Sunday preview: What is the future for whitebait?

Whitebait are being wiped out and it's the fault of people like me, or is it? Sunday's Matt Chisholm finds out.

Batch of Mac's ginger beer being recalled because it may contain alcohol

Lion product may have incorrect labelling resulting in beer being packaged as ginger beer.

NSW authorities are investigating more than 20 incidents of needles found in strawberries.

Aussie Woolworths taking sewing needles off shelves to combat strawberry-tampering

More than 100 reports of tampered fruit are being investigated.

A&D Australasia provides metal detectors to food production companies, and their sales have gone through the roof.

Strawberry needle scandal creating a booming trade for one food safety company

Demand for metal detectors for food production companies has skyrocketed.

Canberra is cracking down in response to the needle contamination crisis.

Strawberry sabotage prompts harsh new penalties in Australia

Anyone found guilty of contaminating food could soon face a maximum of 15 years in prison, up from 10 years.

McDonald's workers across US protest sexual harassment

Protesters are demanding that McDonald's introduces anti-harassment training for managers and employees.

Kiwi chocolatier Whittaker's takes leap into ice cream bars

The company has partnered with Tip Top for three permanent flavours.

Cripps Pink apples just in from harvest at an apple orchard

Needle found in Sydney apple amid strawberry contamination crisis - report

A mother reportedly found the needle when peeling an apple for her daughters.

They’ve made the plea face to face with Coke at a conference in Auckland.

Are Coke poised to produce a cannabis-infused drink?

The beverage giant's interest is another indication of the growing corporate acceptance of cannabis.

Sewing needles and pins have been deliberately placed inside strawberries across the ditch.

Strawberry needle scare spreads to Western Australia

Police are investigating the finds and consumers are urged to cut up strawberries before eating them.

The halt comes after needles were found in different brands in Australia.

Foodstuffs halts distribution of Australian strawberries, amid needle scare

"Our customers’ safety is our number one priority," the company said.

Sewing needles and pins have been deliberately placed inside strawberries across the ditch.

Queensland police hoping $100,000 reward will help identify who spiked strawberries with needles

Australian consumers have been told to cut their strawberries up amid fears six brands across four states have been targeted with needle insertion.

Sewing needles and pins have been deliberately placed inside strawberries across the ditch.

Aussie strawberry scandal causes concern in New Zealand

Sewing needles have been deliberately placed inside strawberries across the ditch.

BPA-free plastic containers may not be less toxic

Substitutes may have ingredients that cause similar problems as the product they're replacing.

Police search for culprit who hid needles inside Australian strawberry stocks

A boy has bitten into a contaminated berry from a fourth punnet.

Copy-cat fears after more needles found in Australian supermarket strawberries

A new incident has led police to believe more than one person is involved.

In 1980s New Zealand, Frying Saucers represented the future of food convenience.

Watch: Jeremy Wells goes on the hunt for the Kiwi classic Frying Saucer 'superfood'

The Seven Sharp co-host met a man on a mission to bring the 80s classic back to supermarkets.

New World's reusable container promotion backfires after microwave mishaps

The company had been angling the promotion as an environmental effort.

Pop star Pink performs in Dunedin on September 1, 2018.

Pink bids fond farewell to most of NZ- except for one bar in Auckland's Ponsonby

The pop superstar tweeted her thoughts to her more than 30 million followers.

It’s important for "parents to have choice" to drink alcohol at school events as part of role modelling drinking well to their children, Cheers! NZ executive director says.

Parents should have choice whether to drink at school events, says Cheers! boss

Having the option is a key part of role modelling drinking well to children.

Dunedin locals have been munching on a food for decades which most of us have never heard of – the chop suey pattie.

Dunedin foodies spill the beans on local delicacy, the chop suey pattie

Does the chop suey pattie deserve more credit on our list of national dishes?

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