Some on the Government’s advisory panel say getting rid of the disease is “no longer achievable or economically rational”.

Experts split on whether cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis can be eradicated from Kiwi farms

Some say getting rid of the disease is "no longer achievable or economically rational".

Watch: Emotional Aussie truckie pays tribute to farmer mate who took his own life

Brendan Farrell says the "pressures of drought are absolutely horrendous".

Shane Jones stands by Fonterra comments, saying he won't be sucked in by 'pecuniary prattle'

The Minister faced heat in Question Time today for his outspoken comments.

Shot of a male farmer working in a vegetable garden

Farm near Christchurch fined $45,000 for exploiting workers who owner claimed were 'volunteers'

The exploitation was hidden under the guise of providing WWOOFing experience.

MPI says it's the only way to fully eradicate cow disease Mycoplasma bovis from the 28 properties it's been detected on.

Aussie cattle deaths on live export ship to China blamed on virus, not the awful conditions

The 46 livestock deaths were not related to heat stress an official says.

Lamb buyers have turned out in record numbers this year.

South Canterbury farmer trials early lambing season to avoid snow deaths and raise revenue

Brendan Matthews had the first of his lambs born over the weekend - usually expected in August.

Dunedin man Malcolm Diack has New Zealand's only locust farm registered for human consumption.

'Crunch, crunch!' Protein-rich locusts might be coming to a dinner plate near you

Dunedin's Malcom Diack has filled two shipping containers with more than 20,000 locusts as demand surges.

The Regional Economic Development Minister said he made the comments in a closed meeting.

Farmers tell outspoken Shane Jones to butt out over Fonterra bashing

Mr Jones said the cooperative's chair John Wilson should "catch the next cab out of town".


Shane Jones in 'open defiance' of PM after Fonterra comments, say National

MP Paul Goldsmith said Mr Jones' comments were "embarrassing" for the Prime Minister.

Shane Jones.

Shane Jones' attack on Fonterra about ego and publicity - National

The PM should reign in her Regional Development Minister, says the opposition.

Shane Jones.

'I've had a gutsful' - Shane Jones lays into Fonterra at Fieldays

The Regional Development Minister didn't hold back today.

A graph showing average avocado prices for the past five years.

Avocado prices smash records as they climb to highest point in five years

The increase in price is being blamed on a poor harvest, and in November last year the price was about $2.20.

Showers for first day of Fieldays today - but it should improve tomorrow

The event showcases rural technology, careers and entertainment and runs until Sunday.

Widespread flooding has left a large swath of farmland under water this morning.

Watch: Flooding in Gisborne region shows farmland turned into murky ocean

Widespread flooding has left a large swath of farmland under water.

Mycoplasma bovis may see the end of traditional Calf Days at Kiwi schools

MPI is warning against schools holding the popular event to avoid any "unnecessary risks".

Cattle cull reaches 24,500 in Mycoplasma bovis battle

It was estimated as many as 126,000 cattle may need to be culled when the government announced the plan to almost two weeks ago.

The Government has revealed its ideas for a new law and now wants the public’s input.

Low income families, farmers set to be hit hardest by Government's zero carbon plan to tackle climate change

Increased costs of products will be passed on to consumers and farms could be hit with emissions rules.

Two Canterbury farmers say a number of precautions are being put in place to stop the spread of Mycoplasma bovis this Gypsy Day.

Kiwi farmers extra vigilant this Gypsy Day to halt spread of Mycoplasma bovis

Extra risk's are posed this year for the annual day where share-milkers move farms.

One farmer says he hasn’t seen any dead rabbits since theK5 rabbit virus was rolled out a month ago.

Otago farmers label new virus introduced to control rabbits a complete failure

One farmer says he hasn't seen any dead rabbits since the K5 rabbit virus was rolled out three month's ago.

The Government’s eradication strategy has a more than 50 per cent chance of succeeding.

‘It doesn’t work’ – Farmers question effectiveness of MPI’s Mycoplasma bovis testing

The Agriculture Minister met with more than 800 frustrated farmers in Ashburton.

The area in the south of the South Island has some of the country’s most precious wildlife and native plants.

Concerns native plants, precious wildlife will be wiped out by Mckenzie country dairy farm

There are also fears of nutrient pollutants discharging into waterways.

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