PM defends Shane Jones Fonterra comments
Fonterra commits to reducing coal use, pledges recyclable, compostable packaging by 2025
Environment lawyer Andrew Braggins says the ramifications of the case could effect more than just the Bay of Plenty.
Potential Matatā court case may let other coastal communities at risk of flooding force councils to buy them out - expert
Billion Trees programme: 'Something is going wrong,' former New Zealander of the Year warns
'The clowns' - Furious Phil Goff calls for illegal dumpers to be forced into clean-ups
Greenpeace calls on Government to ban all non-essential single-use plastics
Terry Copeland says his organisation has agreed only to work with the Government on reducing emissions.
Federated Farmers: We have not agreed to any Emissions Trading Scheme
Auckland University researchers tested a scale model of Fatato, an uninhabited island in Tuvalu.
New research shows low-lying Pacific atolls could survive rising sea levels
Iwi leader to sue Government over climate change: 'We are out of time'
The project has faced fierce opposition over rising costs to ratepayers and possible harm to the environment.
Waimea Dam project gets underway despite protests over cost, environmental impact
Hamilton, which draws water from the Waikato River, are watching the results closely.
More sewage spills into Lake Taupō, as work continues on broken pipe
The agreement, involving one of the country’s biggest polluters, is being hailed a breakthrough.
Agricultural emissions in ETS firing line – interim climate change report
"I would always like to move faster, always," when asked by Jack Tame if the Government were working fast enough in response to climate change.
James Shaw 'frustrated and making progress' on climate change action
Pippa Wetzell is back to name and shame some overpackaging offenders.
Fair Go shows off your latest examples of environmentally unfriendly packaging
The vehicles included two Pinzgauer light operational all-terrain vehicles and two HX60 medium and heavy operational vehicles (MHOVs),
Fox River clean-up to get boost as more Defence Force vehicles and manpower sent to help
detail of a heap of compressed plastic bootles waiting for recycling
Government gives $3m grant for 100 per cent recycled food packaging
 The Hump Ridge walk features spectacular alpine and coastal views, beaches and historic wooden viaducts.
Take a walk on the southern side: 'Great' Hump Ridge Track
The army has arrived on the West Coast to help with the mammoth clean-up effort.
Westland District Council defends financial mismanagement criticisms
A special team in Timaru is working to bring the species back from the brink.
Nearly 1000 native fish die in botched transfer
Summary: MPI’s Steve Halley says longfin eel catch limits have already been reduced by 70 per cent since the early 2000s.
'We have very robust science' - MPI defends inaction criticism on dwindling longfin eel populations
There’s been a lot of talk this week about how we’re doing our laundry wrong.
Watch: Seven Sharp's definitive guide on how to do your laundry
Scientists discover one of the 'world's worst weeds' on Auckland's North Shore
Mr Jones responds to concerns farm land converted into pine forest could have negative environmental and social impacts.
Gisborne's Waiapu Catchment receives $5m funding boost from One Billion Trees Fund
The public have just two days left to make a submission on the Queenstown Lakes District Council's proposal.
Pristine lakes, rivers could become legal dumping ground for Queenstown's sewage
France to slap new 'ecotax' on plane tickets from 2020
Locals living near Formosa say the effluent is being pumped towards a stream.
Auckland's Formosa Golf Resort gets another Insanitary Building notice
He spoke to a UK parliamentary committee about unpopular decisions like hiking up airline ticket prices.
Sir David Attenborough riles up British MPs to take action on climate change
The UK study focused on the toxic air in Birmingham.
New study reveals air pollution could reduce a child's life by seven months
It would be the first time such fees have been imposed.
Farmers annoyed, others overjoyed as Govt rolls out details of electric vehicle discount
Medical waste, needles and asbestos have been found among the rubbish which poured out of an old landfill three months ago.
Volunteers find medical waste, needles, asbestos as Fox River clean-up boosted
Man takes Bunnings to task over plastic waste