Sir David Attenborough says Covid-19 has provided welcome respite for natural world
Tree felling protestors arrested at urban Auckland forest
Investigation underway after 'cowardly' shooting of eight gannets at Auckland colony
Japan to start releasing water from Fukushima, site of nuclear meltdown, into sea
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Almost 40 Auckland beaches contaminated over weekend, unsafe for swimming
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Government confirms ban on new coal boilers
Stricken Dutch cargo ship tossed around, threatening environmental disaster, as weather hampers salvage
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Highly toxic waste buried at Tiwai Point aluminium smelter, former staff say
Rotoroa Island celebrates 10-year anniversary as wildlife sanctuary by releasing kiwi birds
Five Northland kiwi killed in suspected dog attack
Rogue tramper convicted of breaking Auckland's kauri dieback restrictions
Upgraded Northland cement factory to use half of NZ’s discarded car tyres produced every year
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'Worth giving a chance' – Kaimanawa wild horses could face being culled if not rehomed
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