Zoom and Zumba mashed up to keep group of women fit

It's been hard for most of us to exercise at home for the last month.

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The group found a novel way to shimmy and shake their way through lockdown. Source: Seven Sharp

But, a group of women from Edgecumbe has found a way to move, shake and shimmy their way through lockdown through Zoom-ba — Zumba over Zoom. 

They’re not stopping their classes just because there’s a lockdown. 

Teacher Erica Neuhauser has been teaching the class for six years, and most participants are now at an age that they’d be eligible for a SuperGold Card. 

“When I’m on the dance floor, I feel like I’m Shakira,” she told Seven Sharp. 

One woman said she loved it because it allowed her to be silly for an hour once a week.