'What is wrong with you?!' – Kids go berserk as parents turn off TV during Fortnite game

American late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel's latest challenge has left parents facing the wrath of their children, tasked with turning off the television while they play the popular online game Fortnite.

Fortnite sees people battling it out online to be the last person standing in a battle royale format that encourages players to team up and play in a social way.

As a feature on his Jimmy Kimmel Live show, the comedian presented parents with a challenge of sneaking up on their children, before turning off the television mid game.

The childrens' responses ranged from despair, grief, anguish and in some cases, physical aggression towards their parents.

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    If the school holidays meant kids at your place are vying for time on the couch you’re not alone. Source: 1 NEWS

    The segment itself has had over one-million views on YouTube alone.

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