Worldwide bat signals honour Batman's 80th anniversary

It's no joker... the night is lighting up around the world with the famous bat signal to mark a special anniversary for Batman.

DC Comics is carrying off a celebration of Batman Day to mark the 80th anniversary of the appearance of crimefighter Bruce Wayne and his masked identity.

The Batman signal from the Batman comic book and movie series is shined on the Domino Sugar Refinery in honour of Batman Day in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Source: Associated Press

Fan gatherings happened all over the world today. But the most ambitious party plan was the illumination of the bat signal.

The Batman signal is projected onto a building to celebrate Batman Day in Montreal. Source: Associated Press

It started at Fed Square in Melbourne, Australia. The signal is also appearing in 13 other cities, including Tokyo, Berlin, Rome, Paris, London, Montreal, Sao Paulo and Johannesburg.

It's lighting up at the Domino Sugar Refinery in New York City before making its final appearance in Los Angeles at City Hall.

A Bat signal is lit in the Torre Reforma during the commemorating of Batman's 80th anniversary in Mexico City. Source: Associated Press

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