White Island survivor Kelsey Waghorn surprised by Blindspott band members during interview

White Island eruption survivor Kelsey Waghorn was given a sweet surprise this afternoon when members of Blindspott dropped in on an interview she was giving on The Rock radio station.

The 26-year-old, who is a big Blindspott fan, was talking to Jay and Dunc on the drive show about her road to recovery when they brought Blindspott drummer Shelton Woolright into the video chat to say hello.

Ms Waghorn was speechless with a big smile on her face when Woolright appeared.

The drummer then offered her side of stage tickets to the band's August 29 show in Mount Maunganui, which she was already planning on attending.

After the exchange, Blindspott singer Damian Alexander also dropped into the video chat to surprise Ms Waghorn, bringing more joy to her face.

Jay then joked Shelton had offered accommodation in a penthouse suite and a Harley Davidson to Ms Waghorn for the upcoming gig.

"You guys are so generous," Ms Waghorn joked.

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Hayden died in the disaster six months ago, but his Brother Mark says grief of his loss has brought his family closer. Source: Breakfast

On a more serious note, Ms Waghorn reflected on the six month anniversary of the eruption, saying how she caught up with fellow injured tour guide Jake Milbank and the family of Hayden Marshall-Inman. A tour guide who lost his life in the December 9 disaster.