'What went wrong?' Anika Moa shocked to learn of Paula Bennett's rebellious left wing past

Paula Bennett has opened up about her left wing past during an interview with Anika Moa on her new TVNZ OnDemand show - Anika Moa Unleashed.

The candid interview with National's Deputy Leader covered a wide range of topics, from who she would choose as a lesbian partner if she was that way inclined, to her past as a feminist rebel in her teenage years.

"I was awful at school I was just an absolute rebel and I organised marches against establishment and what I believed in, and I was considered a feminist," Ms Bennett said when asked what her teenage self would think of her growing up to be National's Deputy Leader.

"What happened? What went wrong Paula?" Moa replied, shocked to hear of her progressive past.

"I saw the light, I saw the light," the National MP answered emphatically.

Ms Bennett also revealed how she was asked to leave school at 16 because of her rebellious nature.

"You heard it hear first P-Dole got expelled from school," Moa said, the nickname referencing Ms Bennett's time on the benefit as a single mum.

Anika Moa Unleashed, which Moa says is like a cross between Kath and Kim and Oprah, is now available on TVNZ OnDemand.


The Deputy Leader of the National Party revealed she used to be “a rebel” during an interview on TVNZ’s Anika Moa Unleashed. Source: 1 NEWS

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