Watch: Young Kiwi boys deliver priceless one-liners while hilariously facing fears on Rotorua Sky Swing




A trio of terrified Kiwi brothers have gone viral on social media for their hilarious exchanges while riding Rotorua's Sky Swing during a family weekend.

The young boys produced some classic one-liners and plenty of screams as they're slowly cranked to the top of swing before they realise one of them will have the dreaded task of pulling the rope and releasing them to their doom.

"Pull it!" yelled 10-year-old Filisi as they got lifted to the top of the swing.

"I can't!" Yelled frightened nine-year-old Mikaera.

The trio argue with themselves before finally pulling the rope and plummeting towards the ground wearing some priceless facials all the way.

But the bickering didn't finish there as they regathered themselves after the fun.

"Why did you pull the rope? We told you to give us a warning!" 11-year-old Josiah said.

"I did! I said 3-2-1 and you still didn’t listen!" Mikaera argued.

Filisi and Mikaera's mum said it was "definitely" Filisi's idea to go on the swing.

"The other two were quite reluctant but he persuaded them," she said.

The video has been viewed more than 70,000 times since it was first uploaded on Monday.

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