Watch: 'You can afford it!' – BBC presenter has credit card hacked on live TV

A BBC presenter has gone off script during a live broadcast to announce his credit card had been hacked and used to pay for luxury hotels around the world.

Stephen Nolan was hosting his BBC Northern Ireland talk show on Wednesday when he broke off topic to reveal the news to the live audience and his panel.

"I think my cards have been hacked," Nolan said while looking at his cellphone.

"I'm currently spending money in three hotels in three different parts of the world."

According to The Sun, the 44-year-old presenter earns $NZ867,000 for his role at the BBC, but that didn't stop him worrying about his finances.

"We need to hurry up and get this show finished or I will be skint by the end of it".

Not everyone had sympathy for Nolan though with guest Bumper Graham, from the NIPSA trade union, joking: "You can afford it".