Watch: 'I think you have the wrong guest' - BBC Breakfast hosts' mountainous mix-up

Hosts of a BBC breakfast news show had an awkward encounter this morning when they mistakenly introduced the wrong person.

BBC Breakfast hosts, John Kay and Rachel Burden introduced Leslie Binns to the studio, a mountaineer who helped save a woman who had collapsed whilst climbing Mt Everest. 

However as the camera cut to their guest, it was not Mr Binns, but political commentator, Dr Todd Landman in studio to discuss US politics.

"I think you have the wrong guest sir," Dr Landman said to the hosts. 

After the presenters awkwardly realised they had introduced the wrong man they can be seen quickly recovering with a bit of humour. 

"I looked at this man and thought, 'he doesn't necessarily look like a mountaineer'," Burden said. 

The academic from the University of Nottingham jokingly told the hosts: "I have many heroic stories but not involving Everest."

The real Leslie Binns appeared later in the show to share his heroic story. 

"This was a genuine mistake and immediately corrected on air. Thankfully both our guests saw the funny side," the BBC said in a statement.