Watch: 'SYDNEYYYYY!!' The moment boos rain down on Guns N' Roses as Melbourne crowd resents insult




A bemused Melbourne crowd launched into booing at a perceived insult last night,  after the announcer for Guns N' Roses, at the MCG, confused their city for Sydney.

After a considerable delay in starting the show, an announcer came on the mic and yelled "Sydneyyyy! You wanted the best, well they're stuck in traffic, so here's what you get - from Hollywood - Guns N' Roses!"

The crowd immediately began booing at the obvious mistake, but once the music started, their boos turn to cheers.

The band later tweeted an apology, saying one of their long-time instrument techs, known simply as McBob, had made an error.

"Melbourne! Accidentally after 30 years McBob made an error, we're truly sorry. Thank you for coming out tonight!" the tweet read.

Axl Rose also tweeted his "sincere apologies" about the accident, saying McBob "feels horrible".

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