Watch: Sneak peek at Stan Walker's new music video - 'I want to represent ... indigenous people around the world'

A sneak peek, behind the scenes look at Kiwi singer Stan Walker's new single called New Takeover has screened on TVNZ 1's Seven Sharp.

Mike Thorpe gets a first look at Stan Walker's new music video 'New Takeover'. Source: Seven Sharp

The popular singer is inspiring young Kiwis through his work with Youthline. Source: Seven Sharp

The single's breathtaking video will hit our screens next week.

Walker wrote the song in Los Angeles last August.

"Being an artist, sometimes you get told not to be yourself and it's kind of hard and so this is who I am," Walker says.

"This time I've gone ahead with everything in my vision."

Walker says: "This is a song that's a statement and I just want to represent my people".

The Kiwi singer songwriter goes back to his musical roots and will soon release his first album in almost two years. Source: Breakfast

"I want to represent the people of the land, indigenous people around the world.