Watch: Rihanna unveils Savage x Fenty at New York Fashion Week, Gigi and Bella Hadid model in show

Rihanna unleashed the wild beast in a lush tropical land that turned to arid desert with women of all shapes, sizes and colours writhing, cackling, frolicking and stalking like animals for her second season of Savage x Fenty.

Her exotic world of bralettes, undies and pajamas was shown off in 50 looks amid a pond, hydroponics, moveable botanical biodomes and a plant growing station constructed deep inside a cavernous building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard as New York Fashion Week came to a close today.

"My mission is to just have women all over the world feel comfortable and sexy and have fun with lingerie," the pop star, fashion maven and beauty mogul told The Associated Press backstage after the unique show that had her crowd cheering.

"I think tonight was just one of those experiences that I wanted people to feel that energy. I wanted them to feel all the different body types, all the different women in different stages of their womanhood."

Rihanna's "beasts" came tattooed. They included two pregnant women showing off their swelled bellies with pride. Another was a nymph in neon green.

The famous model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid were there, the former in browns, Bella in a soft blue.

All moved slowly through choreography at times, some beneath a waterfall, amid a set alive with fauna, greenery wending up two dome structures that moved slowly around as Rihanna's women slinked in and out.

At other times, women grouped together exploring their bodies as trios. One was very, very good at the splits.

"When you hear the word savage, it's pretty self-explanatory," Rihanna explained. "It's a confident word. It's a word that is fearless, and I feel like the women here tonight represented that word, savage, and I feel every woman has a savage inside of them, whether they found it or not. It's there."

The Savage x Fenty collection for fall-winter, fusing street style with bedroom ready for anything sexy, was available for purchase immediately after the show.

It comes in a range of neons, animal prints, nudes and neutrals, and tones of emerald, ruby and amethyst. There were new silhouettes when compared with her first highly successful season, cut high on the leg.

Bralettes and underwear were done in mesh, fishnet and lace. Pyjamas were oversized to be worn for day or night. Bodysuits ranged from knitted to barely there string options that revealed all, pasties in place. At least sometimes.

This savage world is available at,, and a pop-up shop in New York, with the Mall of America to follow.

The singer’s exotic world of bralettes, undies and pyjamas were shown off in 50 looks. Source: Associated Press

Watch as boy, 10, is presented with metal skewer that penetrated his skull

A 10-year-old Missouri boy is recovering after he was attacked by insects and tumbled from a tree, landing on a meat skewer that penetrated his skull from his face to the back of his head.

Doctors called Xavier Cunningham's survival "miraculous."

Xavier's harrowing experience began Saturday afternoon when yellow jackets attacked him in a tree house at his Harrisonville home.

He fell to the ground and his mother ran to him when she heard screaming.

His skull was pierced from front-to-back with half a foot of skewer still sticking out of his face.

The University of Kansas Health System's endovascular neurosurgery director, Koji Ebersole, says the skewer's removal Sunday wasn't easy, but that it missed Xavier's eye, brain, spinal cord and major blood vessels.

Xavier Cunningham's survival, after he fell from a tree and landed on the meat skewer, is being called a miracle. Source: Associated Press


Student council member caught up in 'straight-A' love triangle killed in US classroom with steak knife

A 17-year-old student in the United States could be facing a murder charge after she fatally stabbed a classmate today over a guy whom both had dated, police in Michigan said.

The deadly clash between two "straight-A students" took place in a Fitzgerald High School classroom in suburban Detroit, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said. A school resource officer immediately began life-saving procedures, but the 16-year-old victim was pronounced dead at a hospital about an hour later.

"This is truly a tragedy. ... This appears to be an altercation between two students and we're investigating to determine why this occurred," Mr Dwyer said.

Fitzgerald Public Schools Superintendent Laurie Fournier identified the slain girl as Danyna Gibson on the district's website. Ms Fournier said a "vigil to remember and honor the life of Danyna" will be held tomorrow on the high school's football field.

Mr Dwyer said the girls knew each other and had no history of trouble. He told The Associated Press the suspect was upset and disturbed when the male student broke up with her and started dating the victim, leading to her attacking her love rival. A steak knife was recovered by police.

Mr Dwyer told reporters the school has no metal detectors.

A witness, Francesca Pascua, 17, told The Detroit News that the stabbing occurred in an economics class.

"I heard screaming, and I thought everyone was running from a bug or something," said Ms Pascua, who fled because, "I thought she was going to stab everybody".

The suspect was arrested at the scene and is being held at a police lockup until the arraignment, which could happen tomorrow. Mr Dwyer said she probably will be charged with murder.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the suspect has an attorney, though she can request one at her initial court appearance. Michigan prosecutes 17-year-olds as adults in homicide cases.

The victim was on the school robotics team, student council, ran cross country and played in the marching band, Mr Dwyer said.

The school will be closed for classes tomorrow, but students and parents can come for support and assistance from counsellors and psychologists. School officials said they're conducting an internal review that will include safety procedures.

Mr Dwyer said the school resource officer, who had been with the department for 10 years, "did everything he could to save that young girl".

"He's taking it very hard that he wasn't able to save her life," Mr Dwyer said.

Police in Michigan patrol Warren Fitzgerald High School after a student was fatally stabbed at the school.
Police in Michigan patrol Warren Fitzgerald High School after a student was fatally stabbed at the school. Source: Associated Press


Attorneys for US cop who mistakenly killed Australian woman say prosecutors misled court, world media

Attorneys for an American former police officer who shot and killed an Australian woman last year argue that prosecutors have misled the court about Mohamed Noor's past behaviour in an attempt to portray him as unfit for duty, according to a court document filed in Minneapolis today.

The document was filed in response to prosecutors' argument that there is enough probable cause for the case against Noor to proceed. Noor is charged with murder and manslaughter in the July 15, 2017, fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who was killed after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home.

Prosecutors said last week that officers who were training Noor reported instances in which he had problems handling the stress of the job.

They also said that he took a psychological test in 2015 that showed he disliked being around people and was more likely than other officer candidates to become impatient. Prosecutors also wrote that just two months before the shooting, Noor was involved in a traffic stop in which he pointed a gun at a motorist's head.

Defence attorneys said prosecutors left out key information.

"These lies by omission and clear misstatements of fact actively mislead the reader and obscure the truth," lawyers Thomas Plunkett and Peter Wold wrote.

They said that training officers never found Noor to be "unacceptable" at a task, and the psychological test he took in 2015 is racially biased. Noor is Somali-American.

"The State's claim that the ... test illustrates his indifference for human life which led to his action on July 15, 2017 is asking to have Officer Noor convicted because of his race," the defence wrote.

The attorneys also said that the psychologist who administered the test and the psychiatrist who cleared Noor for duty told prosecutor Amy Sweasy that Noor's results were likely a result of his race and culture, not a personality disorder.

"The State, knowing that this would be widely covered by media all over the world, failed to inform the Court of crucial information," the defence wrote.

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office had no comment on today's court filing.

The defence also took issue with the state's claim that Noor pointed a gun at a motorist's head two months before he shot Ms Damond. The defence said prosecutors didn't explain that the driver went two blocks without stopping and made movements inside the car as if he was hiding contraband.

Defence attorneys are asking that the charges against Noor be dismissed. A hearing on the motions is set for Sept. 27.

Justine Damond
Justine Damond Source: 1 NEWS

New Zealand new Ambassador to the US named

Diplomat Rosemary Banks has been announced as New Zealand's new Ambassador to the United States, taking over the role from Tim Groser.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said Ms Banks was "highly experienced diplomat and public servant who will be a consummate professional in representing New Zealand's interests in Washington". 

She currently is a Crown Negotiator in the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process and has held roles in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Ms Banks also was New Zealand's Ambassador to France and Portugal.

"The Government also wishes to acknowledge the departing Ambassador, Hon Tim Groser for his service. He has been a strong advocate for New Zealand and has been successful in cementing the relationship between our two countries," Mr Peters said. 

Rosemary Banks, Political Science and International Relations, 7.11.16
Rosemary Banks. Source: Supplied