Watch: 'I was rightly wound up' - seething Matty McLean shares experience of rude line jumper

On TVNZ 1's Breakfast this morning, weather presenter Matty McLean shared a story from the weekend of confronting a queue jumper in Wellington. 

"I was in line at the airport and there was one person behind the counter serving people," Mr McLean said. 

He said a second attendant arrived to create a second line. "All of a sudden, this person who was behind me in the line, cut in front of me and went over to the second attendant and started being served'

"Very cheeky," Mr McLean said. "I said, 'excuse me', and raised my voice ever so slightly, just to let him know I didn't think it was okay."

Unfortunately the line hopper did not care, and told Mr McLean he was in a hurry. 

"I was rightly wound up," the normally easy-going presenter said. 

Breakfast asked viewers to share their experiences and views on the topic, via their Facebook page

Matty wasn't afraid to call out a case of very bad manners of the weekend. Source: Breakfast

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