Watch: 'The purest definition (of comedy) is a middle-aged KIWI in a robe playing Lose Yourself to a completely silent and motionless court room'




US talk show host and comedian John Oliver has again poked fun at the New Zealand accent as he joked about the Eight Mile Style vs National Party court case.

Eminem's company Eight Mile Style alleges the song EminemEsque, used in National's 2014 election campaign ad, rips off the award winning song Lose Yourself with the two parties currently involved in a trial at the High Court in Wellington.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has taken aim at the Kiwi accent

John Oliver opened his latest show, Last Week Tonight, by talking about the legal stoush.

He then plays a 1 NEWS clip featuring political reporter Katie Bradford, who has been covering the trial.

The US talk show host takes another swipe at John Key and the NZ accent

"Yes, as we have mentioned before on this show, New Zealand's National Party has been accused of ripping off Eminem," Mr Oliver says before he mocks the way New Zealanders say the name, Eminem, something he did in 2014 when news of the legal action first emerged.

"It is unquestionably the lamest rap beef since Lil Wayne's five year feud with William H. Macy."

It’s the fourth time we’ve featured on his show in the last year.
Source: 1 NEWS

Oliver continues to laugh over the case, before he plays a clip of the moment the chart-topping song was played to the court.

"This court case has been everything I have needed right now... this is the greatest thing I have ever seen," he said.

"Some define comedy as tragedy plus time but for me the purest definition is a middle aged Kiwi in a robe playing Eminem's Lose Yourself to a completely silent and motionless court room. 

"There is nothing I want more to spend the whole rest of the show breaking down what has been projected to be a six day court case but sadly we must move on."

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