Watch: Oops! UK reality TV star takes massive tumble through stage floor in front of thousands at Wembley Arena

A British reality star has bruised her ego but thankfully nothing much else, after falling through the stage in front of thousands of audience members and a huge TV audience at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards in London this morning.

Gemma Collins, famous for the UK reality show The Only Way Is Essex, was on stage to announce the winners of the coveted Best TV Show when she tumbled down a trap door that opened in the stage to allow the winners to emerge.

The 35-year-old wasn't seriously hurt in the fall where she landed on the winning Love Island cast, joking that she felt like Bridget Jones after the incident.

"Madonna done it and I done it," she said.

"When I tell you I’m Bridget Jones in an Essex girl it's finally confirmed. Best and worse moment for me."