Watch: Kiwi has James Franco and audience in stitches during prank call skit on talk show

A Kiwi man had a brush with fame after placing a call to a number he saw on a billboard and having it answered by Hollywood star James Franco while he was appearing on the hit US talk show Conan.

Franco was on Conan O'Brien's talk show promoting his new movie The Disaster Artist when he pulled out an old flip cellphone that was linked to a number advertised on billboards promoting the movie.

When a call came in the voice on the other end had a familiar accent to New Zealanders, with the man announcing himself as being Steve from Auckland.

Franco took the call as Tommy Wiseau, the eccentric director he plays in the movie.

"Wow you from New Zealand, I'm on talk show right now, Conan. You know this show in New Zealand?" Franco asked.

"Conan the Barbarian?" Steve replied, drawing laughs from Franco and the audience as he referenced the iconic character most famously portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Very close, he has big red hair, crazy guy," Franco responded still in character.

"Connan Mockasin?" Steve tried next, again being wrong as he guessed the Kiwi musician, causing even more confusion among the host and actor.

"Okay whatever, you from New Zealand but you very famous right now, you on Conan O'Brien," Franco said before finishing the conversation.

The Auckland man at the centre of the call, Steve Newall, is an editor for and has since taken to the site to post a blog on his crazy experience.

"As part of the promo for The Disaster Artist, the film a billboard went up in Hollywood mimicking the original set up to promote The Room.

"I'd been trying to get through to Franco/Wiseau for weeks... I'd pretty much given up, and then in the middle of an Important Work Lunch I went to play my fellow diners the answer phone message, but something was different. Franco had picked up.

"And of all the times to get through to him… It was right at this moment."