Watch: 'I keep people around me who see me for me' - Lorde reveals how she stays grounded in a life of superstardom

Lorde, also known as Ella Yelich-O'Connor, has opened up about how those around her keep her grounded.

Ella Yelich-O'Connor, otherwise known as Lorde, gives an insight into the life that she lives. Source: Seven Sharp


"I feel as normal as you can feel, having gone through something like this," she told Seven Sharp's Toni Street. 

"I have great family and great friends and I really try to put people around me who see me for me and appreciate Ella."

The two-time Grammy winner is back in New Zealand ahead of the release of her second album, Melodrama next month, and she's happy to be home. 

Lorde is one very down to earth Kiwi, as Seven Sharp's Toni Street found out. Source: Seven Sharp

"New Zealanders, for the most part, have been wonderful to me, considering my path is not exactly one of that of a traditional Kiwi artist," she said.

She said friends now tell her they knew her as "that girl who was always walking around listening to music and dancing. That really is who I have been since I was a kid".

"I just try to be as true to myself as I can, because I know I am quite strange in a lot of ways," she said.