Watch: Jimmy Fallon tries to mimic Kiwi KJ Apa's accent and fails spectacularly




Kiwi actor and Riverdale star KJ Apa has gained a massive fan in one of late night TV's biggest stars.

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon revealed his love for the hit Netflix show Riverdale when he had the cast on his couch today.

Speaking to former Shortland Street star Apa and his co-stars the host was shocked to hear the Kiwi's accent.

"First of all your voice, your accent. Where are you from? It's not Australia."

Then Fallon tried to mimic Apa's accent which garnered laughs from the cast.

"I'm not American and I'm not a real redhead," Apa, 20, said.

He told Fallon he was convinced that he would not get the role of redhead Archie Andrews because of his accent and his naturally dark hair.

"I was even more terrified about what I would look like with red hair," he said.

"Like, if you're not ginger, you're either going to suit it or you're not going to suit it at all. But I think it kind of works."

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