Watch: Jeremy Wells shares his 'revolutionary' home school tips

Jeremy Wells has shared his 'revolutionary' home schooling tips as he continues to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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School maybe out, but the learning doesn't have to stop. Source: Seven Sharp

The Seven Sharp host says he has turned his home into a classroom during the weekdays. One which strictly adheres to the normal 9am to 3pm school day.

His two children now address their dad as "sir" and the three sing the national anthem every morning like Jeremy used to do as a child.

Unfortunately, he burned his New Zealand flag after the All Blacks lost the Rugby World Cup in Japan last year, so now has to make do singing the anthem next to a suit top featuring the Kiwi flag.

Jeremy has also introduced home economics into the curriculum which he says comes in handy when he is feeling a little peckish on the couch.

Watch the video above to check out his strict new daily routine, all tongue-in-cheek of course.