Watch: Jeremy Wells pays tribute to Johnny Danger on Seven Sharp with 'Danger Swig'

Seven Sharp co-host Jeremy Wells managed to pay tribute to amateur Kiwi stuntman and comedian Johnny Danger Bennett by taking a "Danger Swig" of his water at the close of Wednesday's show.

Police confirmed today that it was Bennett who died in a motorcycle crash at 2.30pm on Dairy Flat Highway near Lucas Heights, Albany, on April 25.

Wells said he had met the colourful character on a number of occassions and seemed to have a good handle on the 29-year-old's signature move the "Danger Swig".

Danger died after crashing during an Anzac Day tour of the Auckland region. Source: 1 NEWS

Johnny Danger was a well known stunt man with a large social media following - over 290,000 strong on Facebook.

He often created videos of his antics to post online, with one particularly famous stunt his riding on the top of a taxi while it travelled over Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The 'Danger Swig' was the Kiwi comedian's signature drinking move performed by many celebrities including Sir John Key. Source: Seven Sharp


The Exponents guitarist and La La Lulu songwriter David 'Duck' Barraclough reportedly dies after short battle with illness

Guitarist and co-songwriter of iconic Kiwi rock legends The Exponents, David 'Duck' Barraclough, has reportedly died yesterday after a short battle with illness.

Barraclough joined the Exponents in 1994 and was most famous for penning the hit song La La Lulu from the Once Bitten, Twice Bitten collection released in 1995.

His death was reported on music site Audioculture.

He remained with the Kiwi band until their eventual split in 1999 and returned to Sydney where he went on to play in the band Mental as Anything.

The Exponents originally formed in 1981 under the moniker Dance Exponents.

They enjoyed a raft of hits, including debut single Victoria and the Kiwi classic Why Does Love Do This To Me.

David 'Duck' Barraclough.
David 'Duck' Barraclough. Source: Facebook


80s stars Def Leppard bringing Hysteria show to NZ with Scorpions

British rock stars Def Leppard have extended their US and UK tour to include a show in Auckland later in the year.

The band will play their landmark, longest recording, 1987's seminal Hysteria, in full at Spark Arena on November 12.

German rock legends Scorpions will join the tour for their first New Zealand concert in the band's 50-plus-years history.

Four years in the making, Hysteria is the groundbreaking, 12-track album that saw Def Leppard overcome the adversity of drummer Rick Allen's car crash injury.

He remained in the band, playing with one arm. 

The album includes rock anthems such as Animal, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Hysteria and Armageddon It.

Def Leppard will also perform other songs from their 100-million-plus selling catalogue.

Tickets go on sale on May 4, with pre-sale commencing May 1.

Musicians Rick Allen, Phil Collen, Joe Elliott, Rick Savage and Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard. Source: Getty