Watch: Jeremy Wells pays tribute to Johnny Danger on Seven Sharp with 'Danger Swig'

Seven Sharp co-host Jeremy Wells managed to pay tribute to amateur Kiwi stuntman and comedian Johnny Danger Bennett by taking a "Danger Swig" of his water at the close of Wednesday's show.

Police confirmed today that it was Bennett who died in a motorcycle crash at 2.30pm on Dairy Flat Highway near Lucas Heights, Albany, on April 25.

Wells said he had met the colourful character on a number of occassions and seemed to have a good handle on the 29-year-old's signature move the "Danger Swig".

Danger died after crashing during an Anzac Day tour of the Auckland region. Source: 1 NEWS

Johnny Danger was a well known stunt man with a large social media following - over 290,000 strong on Facebook.

He often created videos of his antics to post online, with one particularly famous stunt his riding on the top of a taxi while it travelled over Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The 'Danger Swig' was the Kiwi comedian's signature drinking move performed by many celebrities including Sir John Key. Source: Seven Sharp