Watch: J-Lo's stunning new music video, with 9 million views in three days, was choreographed by an awesome young Kiwi

As Parris Goebel take a slight shuffle out of the limelight, there's another Kiwi choreographer jiving on the world stage - Kiel Tutin - who's just instructed J-Lo in her latest music video.

At the Latin Billboard awards yesterday, Jennifer Lopez both performed and officially released the music video for her new track El Anillo, and Tutin choreographed both of them.

With the release of the video for El Anillo, Tutin posted to his Facebook paying tribute to the team he worked with on the video.

"This music video is an absolute masterpiece, congratulations to everyone that worked so hard on the video 😍💍"

Born in the UK, the 22-year-old Tutin has resided in New Zealand for more than a decade, and is already accumulating an impressive resume of international music artists.

Tutin is currently in China working with Jolin Tsai, who has been described as the "Britney Spears of China".

The young choreographer was first brought to Lopez's notice through a fellow member of Royal Dance Crew, Michael Metuakore, who was a back up dancer for the US pop star.

Lopez's creative directors watched some of Tutin's work and it made a big impression, and begun helping choreograph her Super Bowl Saturday performance in Minneapolis this year.

Jo-Lo's new track El Anillo has amassed nine million views in the three days since its release.

But despite his recent schmoosing with pop mega-stars, Tutin evidently still has a strong affinity for home, and Auckland.

"LA has definitely grown on me this year, I guess it makes sense when you’re there with a purpose, but GOD DAMN I can’t wait to go home to my favourite place in the world 😍 #TamakiMakaurau," he posted.