Watch: Incredible footage shows huge 'pollen bomb' exploding off tree after being nudged by backhoe

Hay fever sufferers may not want to click on the video below that shows a massive "pollen bomb" exploding off a New Jersey tree when it's nudged by a digger.

Jennifer Hudson filmed the moment her husband Eric nudged the tree with a backhoe to see what would happen after he noticed a large amount of pollen on top of it.

After being posted to Facebook last Tuesday the incredible footage has racked up over six million views.

In New Zealand the summer was a particularly nasty one for allergy sufferers with Dr Katherine Holt from Massey University's school of agriculture and environment saying climate change is at the root of the problem.

"Warm weather encourages plant growth so as the climate warms and as we increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, this leads to better conditions for plant growth and the more pollen being produced," she told 1 NEWS during the summer.