Watch: 'This is horrible' – Ryan Seacrest mortified after mistaking guest for dead actor on live TV




US TV presenter Ryan Seacrest, famous on NZ screens as the former host of American Idol, has made a shocking on air blunder during a live TV interview.

He was talking with distinguished US actor Jeffrey Tambor on his show Live with Kelly and Ryan, yesterday, when he made an error sure to haunt him for many years to come.

Tambor is famous for his roles in TV shows Arrested Development and Transparent, but Seacrest remembered him for a different role entirely.

"To me, you're the scary guy in the subway in Ghost," Seacrest told his guest.

Except that is he isn't.

That role was played by Vincent Schiavelli, an actor who looks slightly similar to Tambor - but died in 2005.

"Oh this is horrible ... you're gonna be embarrassed. That's not me," Tambor responds.

"How're you doin' - you alright? It's Vincent Schiavelli. Are you OK? Are you alright?" he continued at an embarrassed Seacrest.

"He's dead," he announced as the audience roared in laughter.

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