Watch: Hologram of the late Roy Orbison to perform world tour



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Fans of the late Roy Orbison will be able to experience the legendary performer in a full-length concert thanks to advanced hologram technology.

Beginning this April, the "Only the Lonely" singer goes on a world tour as a hologram backed by a live orchestra.
Source: Associated Press

Beginning this April, the "Only the Lonely" singer goes on a world tour as a projected hologram backed by a live orchestra.

The idea is the brainchild of Base Entertainment, and is supported by Orbison's children. Recently, his son Alex spoke about the concept, his father, and those touched by him.

"You know for people like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young and, you know, Bob Dylan and the other people that got to see my dad play live and feel that direct effect, it's so amazing that we can present this hologram show, especially to younger fans that would have never been able to see my dad play."

Orbison explained what fans can expect for the concert tour called, "In Dreams."

"My dad will be a hologram and then behind them will be a core band of, you know, drums, bass, guitar and that stuff and then surrounded around that will be an orchestra. And we actually have some newer arrangements for the songs that we did on an album called 'Roy Orbison A Love So Beautiful.'"

While hologram performances are no longer a new concept, the approach to the "In Dream" tour is unique.

"The interesting thing with holograms is it's hard to define what a hologram actually is from what people have seen. And so, you know, when you see Elvis and Celine Dion play, a lot of these have just been cleaned out older performances that were laid over video were Elvis probably wasn't there in the studio and so this is a hologram of my dad that will actually be in these theaters in arenas. And so from that it's a little bit more like what people would have seen of Tupac Shakur and that original hologram performance."

Orbison was referring to 2012 Snoop Dogg performance at Coachella, where he performed with a projection of Tupac.

He feels that having his father's likeness participate in a feature-length performance as a hologram was par for the course when it came to his father.

"My dad actually was on the forefront of technology the whole way through his career. And it is a little funny to think about Roy Orbison like that, but the advent of the television, my dad clearly saw that as a way not only to promote his band, but literally to get out of his little town in West Texas and he got a sponsor and got his own television block to promote and perform and that's where he met Elvis Presley. That's where he met Johnny Cash. That's how he got onto Sun Records. And you know the rest is history."

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