Watch: 'He is New Zealand for me' – ex-One Direction star Niall Horan on special bromance with Dan Carter

Among ex-One Direction singer Niall Horan's famous friends is New Zealand's own Dan Carter, confessing he has a special bromance with the rugby star. 

Speaking to Kimberlee Downs on Seven Sharp, Horan admitted to owning All Blacks supporters gear including a track suit and gym gear.

"When I think New Zealand I think Dan Carter and the All Blacks," Horan said. 

"I've spent a couple times with him, he's a really great guy. He's just a dream isn't he? He is New Zealand for me."

As a rugby fan, he does still delight in memories of Ireland's one-in-100 years victory over the men in black. 

"When we won my friend stood up, bounced his head off a lampshade, broke the place down, the table flipped under from underneath him, he was standing on the table, there was Guinness everywhere, all over us and it was a very enjoyable night."

The last seven years have been a whirlwind of stadium tours and screaming fans for the star but it's only now he's coming into his own, releasing his first solo album post One Direction, titled Flicker.

"I just wanted to make an album that I would naturally sit down and pick up a guitar and play and not have to over think too much."

When asked if he would collaborate with New Zealand's own Lorde, he said he "would love to."

"I actually saw Lorde the other day! She's so good. I was going out of the gym, she was going in.

"We were in Canada it was an awkward meeting outside the lift

"We kind of noticed each other 'oh good to see you, love your new song, love your new song, bye' and the lift closed."

Kimberlee Downs caught up with the Irish star to talk rugby, music and Lorde. Source: Seven Sharp

'Someone who just really 'gets' what life should be about': Toni Street's 20 minute chat with inspiring Pink

I sat nervously in the darkened room on the eighth floor of the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica eagerly awaiting my precious 20 minutes with singing superstar Pink.

We were told she would be running 15 minutes late, and on the button she emerged decked out in, you guessed it, a pink jacket.

Watch Toni Street's full interview with Pink tonight on Seven Sharp

I had contemplated dressing in top to toe Pink myself, but thought that might come across a bit over the top, so instead opted for pink heels and nails, and she instantly complimented them.

Thoughtful and engaging is how I’d best describe Pink.

Before the cameras even started rolling, she’d launched into a story about how someone on a flight recently told her "you must never see your kids", and she’d firmly replied "my kids come everywhere with me".

We all know Pink speaks her mind, and this interview was that way from start to finish.

This is a woman who is fiercely loyal and loving towards her family.

She’d just taken her daughter Willow roller skating two days earlier, because it was what she’d loved to do as a child, and at a special singing showcase the night before, both Willow and her husband joined her on stage.

Passion oozes from Pink, particularly when she’s talking about haters on social media, politics, and speaking out about what’s right and wrong.

We saw that recently at the Video Music Awards, when she delivered a speech to her daughter about loving yourself, after she’d claimed she was the ugliest girl in her class and looked like a boy.

With an impressionable nearly five-year-old daughter of my own I pressed Pink for details on the power point presentation (which she clarified was actually a Word document) she’d created for Willow.

It consisted of images of androgynous stars like Michael Jackson and David Bowie, with the aim of illustrating to Willow that beautiful and successful people come in all shapes and sizes.

Pink herself has an enviable appearance, particularly for someone with an eight-month-old baby, she told me she’s more into her cardio than weights, and hits the gym around three times a week.

When my 20 minutes was up, I was loath to leave, it felt like I’d been chatting to someone who just really "gets" what life should be about, someone who cares about the world around her, but at the same time doesn’t take life too seriously (her pet peeve is uptight people).

If she ever comes down this way again, no doubt she’ll love us Kiwis then!

Toni said Pink was "thoughtful and engaging". Source: Seven Sharp


The Sopranos actor Frank Vincent who played Tony Soprano's nemesis dies - report

Famous The Sopranos actor Frank Vincent has reportedly died, aged 78.

Vincent was best known for his roles as Tony Soprano's nemesis Phil Leotardo in the popular American crime drama television series and Billy Batts in 1990 American crime film Goodfellas.

Frank also starred in a number of Martin Scorsese films during his career, which spanned 41 years.

TMZ reports the veteran actor died in a New Jersey hospital this morning after suffering a heart attack last week and undergoing open surgery for it yesterday.

He died during the operation.

Vincent also appeared in Raging Bull, Casino and Do the Right Thing.

NEW YORK - JUNE 06:  Actor Frank Vincent attends "The Sopranos: The Complete Fifth Season" DVD launch party at English is Italian on June 6, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)
Actor Frank Vincent. Source: Getty