Watch: George Ezra chats with Jeremy Wells about his smash hit, Shotgun

You've probably heard the song Shotgun playing on the radio – it was a huge hit last year, reaching number one on music charts around the world.

Now, the man behind it, British pop singer George Ezra, is in New Zealand to play a one-off show at Auckland's Spark Arena tonight.

Seven Sharp's Jeremy Wells sat down with the singing sensation before the show where Ezra talked about singing during his childhood and his writing process behind his number one single.

"I couldn't sing very well when I was a kid," Ezra revealed. "And that isn't a kind of 'fishing for a compliment' – like, 'don’t be silly, you were great!' – I just, I wasn't very good."

"I was listening to a lot of American singer-songwriters and in amongst that work, a lot of men with big voices, and I tried to do it - and I could."

He told Wells, Shotgun's "chorus' melody came really quickly", but they were only meant to be "scratch lyrics".

"I started to sing the lyrics that we hear now, so 'shotgun, hot sun, someone' and I was like, 'We can't keep them, but we’ll just – they're like scratch lyrics – let's keep them for now and then we'll change them', and then I got so attached to them and how it sounded, and it just made perfect sense with the atmosphere of the song and that stayed."

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Seven Sharp host Jeremy Wells spoke with Ezra. Source: Seven Sharp