Watch: Fat Freddys Drop talk to John Campbell about their new album

Fat Freddys Drop have today released a new album titled Special Edition Part 1, ahead of their upcoming national and international tours.

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A few members of the band were on TVNZ1’s Breakfast sharing their road to success Source: Breakfast

The album is part of a double release with the first half out today. 

After two decades together, saxophone player Scotty Towers, told Breakfast's John Campbell the crowds are the main reason they keep doing it.

“I mean being in the studio and writing the songs and everything is great but being in front of an audience and getting that reaction and getting the energy back off them is really the making of it,” he said.

“For me especially I love it."

The band's second single from the album titled Kamo Kamo also came out this week. 

Their New Zealand summer tour kicks off on December 28 at the Thames Racecourse.