Watch: 'Don't laugh, it's not funny ...600 people were shot' - Piers Morgan lashes laughing pro-gun campaigner during US gun reform chat




An American pro-gun campaigner has drawn the well-known wrath of Piers Morgan by laughing and scoffing at possible US gun law changes, in a volatile interview following the Las Vegas massacre.

Holding up a Kinder Surprise on Good Morning Britain, Morgan attempted to illustrate the insanity of US gun availability when the chocolate egg was banned in the US because of choking risk.

But pro-gun campaigner Dan Roberts was having none of it, labeling the example "ridiculous" while reclining in laughter.

This didn't go down well with Morgan who, practically shouting over Roberts, said: "Don't laugh, it's not funny, 600 people got shot."

Roberts had said in his interview with Morgan on the prospect of gun law reform in the US, following the Las Vegas massacre, that "we're not going to do anything, hopefully".

Morgan was particularly incensed with this attitude.

"Time after time after these massacres, you come on the programme and you look us in the eye and say the only answer is to do nothing, it's not the guns it's the people," he said.

"Because of your insane gun laws he can arm himself with 42 weapons and unload six hundred bullets which hit Americans and people traveling from around the world, leaving 59 people dead.

"How can any of this make sense?"

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