Watch: Bored passenger grabs announcer's intercom, turning flight departure lounge into rocking karaoke party!




Usually waiting for a plane is quite a monotonous affair, but one bored passenger at a US airport turned the wait into an all out party when he grabbed the flight announcer's intercom and turned the departure lounge into a rocking karaoke bar.

Since being shared on Facebook by Mike Vadala on September 24, the video has had an astonishing 15 million views, turning the unnamed man into a star.

The incident took place at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans while passengers were waiting for a Southwest Airlines flight.

Mr Vidala stated on his post that the flight announcer playfully told the waiting passengers if anyone had a question for them they would need to sing it to them.

That was all the encouragement the now infamous passenger needed, as he strode up and grabbed the intercom to belt out some famous tunes.

Starting with the Oasis classic Wonderwall, the man really got everyone going when he launched into Blackstreet's No Diggity, getting the crowd to join in as he danced around the check-in desk.

Mr Vadala finished his Facebook post simply by saying: "This guy went off!"

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