Watch: Bieber brilliantly impersonates 'Jonah from Tonga' to justify his media attack




Justin Bieber has filmed himself brilliantly mimicking a character from the popular Australian comedy Summer Heights High while on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

In the video Bieber appears to cheekily justify his behaviour after he was filmed yelling "f*** you" at news crews yesterday on the Sunshine Coast.

Jonah Takalua is one of three characters on the show, all played by actor Chris Lilley.

"Sorry, Ben… I was punking him sir, watch MTV for once sir," Bieber said to the camera, copying a scene from Summer Heights High.

Bieber performed five concerts across Australia, gaining a mixture of good and bad publicity during his time across the ditch due to outbursts at the media.

The Canadian singer has squeezed in his last bit of Aussie attention, before he heads to New Zealand for his concert at Auckland's Mount Smart Stadium on Saturday.

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