Watch: 'Apparently I'm a racist’ - Pink hits back at trolls after tweeting there's still hope for Trump

US popstar Pink has been fending off Twitter trolls after tweeting "there's still hope" for Donald Trump.

Pink, who'll bring her Beautiful Trauma World Tour to New Zealand next September, initially tweeted that the US president is doing a terrible job. 

"Worse than every other job you've done terrible at. Do you seriously have time to worry about the NFL?," she asked, aiming her comments directly at the president.

But she soon changed her online comments to a more positive tune.

"I've seen people change and turn their lives around. There's still hope for you @POTUS. It's what the world needs," she wrote.

Pink has today told Australia's Nine Network she'd just been reading "how many people I pissed off last night on Twitter. It's been an interesting 12 hours". 

She explained to the TODAY show's entertainment editor Richard Wilkins that she had been "reading all of the fascinating things the president is doing, all the things he has time to do, like the NFL".

"And I just decided to go on a Twitter rant and I started saying that he's doing a terrible job… and a more terrible job than any other job he's been terrible at.

"But then I decided to try and be hopeful and at least a little optimistic and I said, 'There's still hope for you - I think you could turn it around' - and then that was the one that actually pissed everybody off the most.

"So that was the one where apparently now I voted for him… I'm a racist."

Watch: 'They're playing that in honour of ratings' - Trump offends veterans by cracking jokes at military ceremony

President Donald Trump has drawn the ire of veterans and soldiers in the US after being caught on camera cracking jokes while a solemn military ceremony could be heard taking place in the background.

The incident happened during an interview between the President and Fox News' Sean Hannity yesterday.

The interview was taking place at an Air National Guard base when the solemn Retreat bugle call began playing in the background.

Traditionally members of the US military are expected to stop what they're doing to salute and honour the call, as is tradition with the Last Post.

While many in the audience rose from their chairs in respect as the call started playing, the commander-in-chief remained seated and continued to talk over it, cracking jokes to the host Hannity.

"What a nice sound that is," Trump said as the bugle call began playing.

"Are they playing that for you or for me? They're playing that in honour of (Hannity's) ratings. He's beating everybody," Trump joked.

It didn't take long for veterans and service personnel to vent their anger at the President on Twitter.

"That Trump did not known, recognise or salute call of 'Retreat' – a moment every servicemember/family worldwide stop and salute – is disgraceful," Former Navy serviceman Malcolm Nance tweeted.

"After all the BS about 'disrespecting the flag and our military', Trump disrespects both by joking during the playing of Retreat at Army base," Vietnam veteran Ray Smith also posted on Twitter.

Trump has courted controversy recently after repeatedly calling for NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to be sacked.


'Extraordinarily difficult to meet time-lines' – Winston Peters refuses to give deadline for decision after Monday's board meeting

After much uncertainty, Winston Peters has finally confirmed the date he will meet with the New Zealand First board to decide the next government.

Mr Peters confirmed this afternoon he will be meeting with his board and caucus to thrash out a decision on Monday.

Mr Peters had originally set yesterday as a deadline for a decision, before pushing that date back due to the "logistics" of getting his board together for a meeting.

The NZ First leader wouldn't be drawn on a time-line as to when the public know the board's decision though, saying it is "extraordinarily difficult to meet time-lines".

However, he says the decision will be announced as soon as possible after the board has met to avoid any possible leaking of the decision coming out.

The board will be flying into Wellington on Sunday night and early Monday morning for talks scheduled to last all day if needed.

Negotiations finished yesterday, but ministerial portfolios haven't been discussed. Source: Breakfast

1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann says Mr Peters has no more face-to-face talks planned with parties, but says there are still discussions over policy details to be had.

The New Zealand First board will need to make a consensus decision on either the National or Labour deal, with Mr Peters set to have plenty of influence over the proceedings.

It's still unclear whether the final outcome of the talks will be decided on Monday, or whether the New Zealand public will have to go on waiting until later in the week.

The New Zealand First leader says he will let the public know as soon as possible after Monday’s meeting to avoid leaks. Source: 1 NEWS