Watch: Anika Moa says her new self-titled album reveals 'deep and personal' side of her

Anika Moa joked she was hungover when she wrote the songs for her new album, which was released last week.

Halting her trademark jokes for just a moment during a hilarious interview on TVNZ1’s Breakfast, Moa said the self-titled album revealed another side to her personality.

"I feel a lot, I get really deep and personal, this (the album) is the other side of me, very intense and very serious," she said.

The album was recorded in New Orleans, with Moa squeezing in the sessions in eight days between recording her Unleashed series for TVNZ OnDemand and hosting Seven Sharp.

She also flagged her personal highlights from the second season of Anika Moa Unleashed, saying comedian Urzila Carlson, Sam Neil, and Judith Collins were her favourite interviews.

Watch the second season of Anika Moa Unleashed here.

"He's (Neil) so gorgeous, and rugged and wine-y – as in wine, he loves wine," she said.

"I loved Judith Collins, she took on the role of my lover quite well, a little bit too well," she said.

"She was like 'what would my husband think', I was like he’d probably love it.'"

The musician and TV host also flagged her highlights from the new season of her Unleashed series. Source: Breakfast