Watch: Aladdin - The Musical's leading man wowing Auckland crowds in triumphant return home

Two of Aladdin - The Musical's lead stars are happy to be performing in Auckland, a place they both once called home.

Graeme Isaako, who plays the titular character Aladdin, and Adam Murphy, who plays villain Jafar, spoke to 1 NEWS reporter Ryan Boswell at Auckland's Civic Theatre where the show has an extended run until early March.

Isaako says the musical is a good companion piece to Disney's popular film version.

"Especially with the role of Aladdin I really feel like everyone can relate to him, whether you're cheeky or looking for romance or have fallen in love, he's really relatable to a lot of us.

"I think in the musical as opposed to the film we learn a lot more about his back story.

The performer is of Māori/Samoan descent and admitted he uses his heritage to help portray the "cheeky" side of Aladdin's character.

"I have to use it!" Isaako said laughing.

You can't have an Aladdin story without his arch nemesis Jafar. Adam Murphy is looking forward to bringing the villainous character to life in front of enthusiastic Kiwi audiences.

"They're not afraid to yell out something and someone (on stage) sang a really great note the other night and I heard someone in the audience say 'not bad,'" Murphy said.

Isaako and Murphy can be seen in action in the video at the top of the story performing Diamond in the Rough from the show.

Click here to purchase tickets to Aladdin - The Musical which is playing at Auckland's Civic Theatre until March 3.

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Graeme Isaako, who plays Aladdin, has returned to Auckland where his passion for performance first began. Source: 1 NEWS