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Watch: 'Sexist' Helen Mirren interview shocks viewers as 1975 'bosom' vid resurfaces

An infamous interview from 1975 between Helen Mirren and journalist Michael Parkinson has resurfaced online, and viewers don't like what they see. 

The actress appeared on the long-running talk show Parkinson more than 40 years ago, where she was introduced as a "sex queen" who "projects sluttish eroticism".

"Do you find that your figure, your physical attributes, hinder you in the ambition in being a serious actress?" Parkinson asked.

Mirren, then aged in her 20s, responded coolly.

"Serious actresses can't have big bosoms, is that what you mean?"

The resurfaced YouTube video has been flooded with angry viewers condemning Parkinson for his "appalling" behaviour.

"She is worlds more intelligent than him and it is so obvious. I am so proud of her for not stooping down to his level here," one YouTube user wrote, while another called it "the worst sexist interview I've ever seen".

Mirren, now aged 71, sat down with Parkinson again in 2006 where she revealed she "hated" him after that interview.

"I thought you were a sexist person for mentioning my breasts, and also you wouldn't actually say the word 'breasts'," she told him.