Video: Spanish Survivor contestant falls unconscious during underwater breath-holding challenge




A Spanish Survivor contestant had his adventure cut short after losing consciousness while winning an underwater breath-holding challenge in an episode that went to air last week.

Eliad Cohen, a 28-year-old Israeli model, was one of the favourites to win the latest season of Survivor Spain before the dramatic incident.

The clip uploaded to social media from the episode, shows Mr Cohen holding onto an underwater cage as a timer ticks to two minutes and 52 seconds.

After emerging from the water and gulping in much needed air, he looks to be frothing from the mouth before losing consciousness.

Another contestant quickly comes to his aid by raising Mr Cohen above the water after he slipped back underneath.

The model appears disorientated and understandably distressed when he regains consciousness.

A short time after the ordeal Mr Cohen went on to suffer discomfort in an arm.

After undergoing tests, it was confirmed he had suffered a rupture to the long tendon of his bicep.

The injury meant he was forced to drop out of the show so he could return to Spain for medical testing, according to reports from ABC EspaƱol.

TVNZ 2 Survivor New Zealand's first episode aired on Sunday May 7. For more info on the show, click here.

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