Video: John Oliver savages Bill English's tinned spaghetti pizza topping after the PM said he 'isn't very funny'

US talk show host and comedian John Oliver has hit back at Bill English after the Prime Minister took a dig at him, saying the comedian "isn't very funny".

Last week, John Oliver opened his Last Week Tonight show by poking fun at the New Zealand accent whilst joking about the Eight Mile Style vs National Party court case.

Bill English wasn't going to take Oliver's comments lying down. Source: 1 NEWS

In response to the joke, Mr English was asked if he'd seen the show. 

"Some of the stuff I've seen him do isn't very funny," said Mr English.

Oliver dedicated another segment of his show this week to New Zealand, specifically taking aim at Mr English, who he describes as "the very poorest man's Daniel Craig".

"He must know that the moment he mentioned my name I was going to immediately find the stupidest, most humiliating things about him that I could."

It was the Prime Minister's turn to cook dinner on Monday, but the Breakfast crew didn't seem that impressed with his efforts. Source: Breakfast

The late night comedian proceeded to show his audience a number of images and videos of Mr English including, him wearing a virtual reality headset, his exercise regime video, and most importantly the prime minister's tinned spaghetti pizza.

"I do not agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza, a divorced dad cooking for his kids on the weekend would not put canned spaghetti on a pizza.

"Let's not forget Bill, you also put pineapple on that abomination, that's not dinner, this is an actual hate crime," said Oliver.

He went on to say he would be "absolutely mortified" if someone with the prime minister's "level of taste" liked his show.

Oliver rounded off the segment by again poking fun at last week's trial by referring to a lyric in Eminem's Lose Yourself song.

"Yo, his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, mum's spaghetti," said Oliver reciting the lyrics.

"I would honestly rather eat Eminem's vomit spaghetti off his sweater than canned spaghetti and pineapple off one of your garbage pizza's Bill."

Radio station already playing Christmas songs, but it's to ease dying toddler's pain

A radio station in the US is already playing Christmas music.

But it's not a shameless bid to further commoditise the holiday that some listeners have mistakenly assumed. The station has agreed to play the music months ahead of schedule to help dying toddler Brody Allen.

The two-year-old, who has a rare form of brain cancer, has asked to celebrate the holiday early in case he doesn't make it that long.

Cincinnati, Ohio, radio station WARM 98 has promised to add a little Christmas cheer to its broadcast at least once an hour.

"You should see the Facebook comments that we're getting," radio host Jim Day told news outlet WKRC. "As soon as we explain it, they're like, 'Oh, that's a really good reason', and they're fine with it."

The station has also organised another "Christmas miracle" for tomorrow in which staff and listeners will sing carols in the child's neighbourhood, which is already adorned with decorations. A Christmas parade will take place on Monday.

"Just all over the world he's touched people," said radio station co-host Amanda Orlando, explaining that little Brody has received Christmas cards from as far away as Australia, Lebanon and Japan.

It was a sentiment echoed by Brody's father, who choked back tears earlier this week as he spoke about the community and worldwide effort with a reporter for local station Fox19.

"To have so many people across the world reach out to my son and to tell him, 'Merry Christmas, we're thinking about you and we love you', is just the greatest gift that I as a father could ever give him," Todd Allen said.

Cards can be sent to the family at 9696 Adair Court, Cincinnati, Ohio 45251, USA.

Two-year-old Brody might not make it to the holidays, so a massive effort is underway to push Christmas forward. Source: FOX


Mother of Spanish golfer slain in US talks about her daughter's special shine

The parents of slain top amateur Spanish golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena spoke about their daughter on Wednesday, saying she had a "special shine."

Her mother Miriam Arozamena spoke near their family home in the northern Spanish village of Puente San Miguel.

Looking distraught, the mother told reporters that she used to speak with her daughter every day and that she was an intelligent, studious and organised person.

The golfer was finishing her degree at Iowa State University when she was killed.

Collin Daniel Richards, a former inmate from small-town Iowa with a history of violence, was charged with stabbing Barquin Arozamena to death during a random attack while she was golfing by herself in broad daylight on Monday morning.

Celia Barquin Arozamena was playing a round in central Iowa when she was allegedly attacked by Collin Daniel Richards. Source: Associated Press


Ozzy Osbourne confirms two New Zealand shows as part of farewell world tour

Ozzy Osbourne has confirmed two final shows in New Zealand in March 2019 as part of his farewell world tour, No More Tours 2.

The former Black Sabbath singer will play shows in Christchurch at Horncastle Arena on March 13 and Auckland’s Spark Arena on March 16.

Heavy metal legends Judas Priest, who are on their first New Zealand tour, will open for Osbourne.

The 69-year-old will celebrate a career which began in 1968 when Black Sabbath was formed alongside long-time collaborators, guitarist Zakk Wylde, Blasko on bass, drummer Tommy Clufetos and Adam Wakeman on keyboards.

Ozzy Osbourne.

3D gun businessman accused of sex with underage prostitute in Texas

An affidavit accuses the owner of a Texas company that makes untraceable 3D-printed guns of paying $500 cash to have sex with a female under 17.

The affidavit filed overnight in state district court in Austin accuses 30-year-old Cody R. Wilson of sexual assault of a juvenile. It says he met his alleged victim through the website

Wilson hasn't responded to a phone message. Jail records indicate he's not in custody.

Wilson is identified in the affidavit as the owner of Austin-based Defense Distributed. He announced last month that he is selling 3D-printed gun blueprints through his website after a federal court blocked posting them online for free.

That followed a collection of states suing to stop a settlement that the federal government had reached with Defense Distributed.

Cody Wilson with a Liberator pistol.
Cody Wilson with a Liberator pistol. Source: Associated Press

The pistol can be 3D-printed out of ABS plastic at home for a few hundred dollars.