Video: Jimmy Kimmel breaks down during emotional monologue about massacre in his hometown of Las Vegas



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Jimmy Kimmel has choked up during his opening monologue on his show today while responding to the mass shooting at a concert in his hometown of Las Vegas.

He said that while the killing of 59 people "makes you want to throw up or give up," viewers should push lawmakers to enact more "common sense" gun control measures in the country.

Kimmel was visibly shaken as he addressed the crowd in the opening monologue of Jimmy Kimmel Live! today.
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The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host has been part of the political dialogue in recent weeks after talking emotionally about health care.

He announced in May that his baby son had surgery for a birth defect and argued that all American families should be able to get life-saving medical care.

Todd Fasulo speaks of the 'courage and resiliency' of the first responders to the massacre.
Source: Reuters
Young country recording artist Dylan Schneider describes the horror of the mass-shooting at the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest festival.
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