Video: Hollywood star Tom Cruise spotted checking out Auckland's Church of Scientology

Actor Tom Cruise, who has been in New Zealand filming Mission: Impossible 6, has been spotted outside the Church of Scientology in Auckland today. 

Cruise is a Scientologist follower and ambassador. 

The church is located on Grafton Rd, Grafton - a city fringe suburb.

Cruise tweeted earlier today a thanks to New Zealand for his time here. 

The 2013 census recorded 315 people were affiliated with Scientology.

It's Auckland website describes the religion as offering "precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship to self, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the Supreme Being".

Cruise posted on Twitter this morning: "Thank you to the amazing people of New Zealand!" Source: Breakfast

The actor was spotted before he flew out the country today after filming Mission Impossible 6. Source: 1 NEWS

Pizza delivery man smashed on the back of the head, knocked unconscious and robbed of $20 and pizza in Auckland

A 47-year-old male Auckland pizza deliverer suffered a serious head injury after being attacked from behind while working last night.

Detective Sergeant Kelly Farrant said the man went to an address in Kelman Rd, Kelston, at 6.30pm. 

He was getting the pizza out of his boot when he was struck by an object on the back of his head. He lost consciousness and was found 15 minutes later.

The offenders took $20 and the pizza. The victim remains in a serious, but stable condition. 

"Police staff are absolutely disgusted by this offending," Ms Farrant said. 

"An innocent member of our community was just doing his job, when he was struck over the head and left there unconscious."

"This could have been far more serious had a member of the public not found the victim and called for help."

Police area appealing to the public for information.

The victim was driving a silver Subaru Impreza. 

"People have a right to go to work and do their job safely without being violently assaulted."

Call Detective John Schieb at Henderson Police Station on 09 839 0600 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with any information. 

Police Source: 1 NEWS


Givealitte page started for Auckland truckie attacked by mob of boyracers

New Zealanders have started donating to an Auckland truckie after a group of boy racers allegedly assaulted the driver and damaged his truck on Friday night.

The truck company also had to pay several thousands of dollars to repair the damaged vehicle. 

A video on social media shows a truck clipping a boy racer's car and a later attack on the truck driver by a mob of youths who gained access to the inside of the truck, repeatedly striking the driver.

Roy van Geffen set up the Givealittle page yesterday, which already has $766 donated. 

"Once I heard the story from a fellow truckie my heart sank," Mr van Geffen wrote on the page. 

"The funds are not only about the monetary value, but also knowing that the entire trucking community is behind these two fellow truckies."

The truck driver involved in the incident, Jordan Martin, 21, told the NZ Herald he was blocked by the group of racers when leaving his Penrose depot, but saw a gap he thought he could get his 50-tonne truck through.

That was when his truck clipped the front of a Honda, dragging it down the road and starting the incident which led to the alleged assault.

Mr Martin said he was unaware of what happened and continued down the road, before being chased down and blocked off by the group of angry racers on Great South Rd.

"I had to stop and then people just started crowding round the truck and one guy jumped in the passenger side and started beating me over the head with my fridge and there were people on the driver's side who started trying to get into the truck," Mr Martin told the NZ Herald.

He said the attack only subsided when the wife of another truck driver, who saw the incident and stopped, came to his aid by calming the mob down.

Blue Ice Logistics owner Paul Stone said he would have been happy to pay for the repairs once he found out what happened, but not anymore, after having to pay several thousand dollars to fix his truck after the attack.