Video: 'Do I have to drink the big drink?' Lorde explains a yardie in Rolling Stone interview




Lorde's latest interview with Rolling Stone, which focused on her coming of age since finding fame, included a humorous education from the pop-superstar about Kiwi drinking culture.

After talking about how the singer mourned the end of her teenage years, Lorde quickly changed the topic to her upcoming twenty-first, and whether she would have to tackle the dreaded yardie.

"I feel like, very comfortably 20, soon I am going to be 21 which I feel is a weird milestone, I'm like, do I have to drink the big drink?" Lorde said, moving her hands in a drinking motion.

The interviewer quickly agreed that yes she did, although it soon became apparent she actually had no idea what this odd Kiwi tradition was.

Ella Yelich-O'Connor, otherwise known as Lorde, gives an insight into the life that she lives.
Source: Seven Sharp

Lorde was happy to educate her: "They call it a yardie where I come from, it's a yard glass full of beer, and you have to drink it."

The interviewer was a bit confused, noting that you can already drink in New Zealand before you are 21.

Lorde agreed it was a bit bizarre and didn't make much sense, but guessed, "now you are not a child, maybe you can drink a big glass?"

The whole interview can be viewed at the following link: Lorde Rolling Stone.

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